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12Volt Car and Bike GPS tracking system 12Volt Car and Bike GPS tracking system

Instant Real Time monitoring

At Pro-tekt we believe that everyone should be able to access a high quality and affordable GPS tracking system for their vehicle, and we have developed our easy to use functionality around this belief.

Once fitted, your new GPS tracker constantly uploads its location, and can be set to Live Tracking mode for Instant Real Time monitoring via your very own account in our custom Pro-tekt App.

You can access Current and Historical Locations from any connected mobile device, remotely activate our 115db Audible Alarm, set Geo-Limit Boundaries, and receive Push Notification Warnings directly to your mobile device. We can even direct you to your parked vehicle via our ingenious Find my Ride function.  It’s simply brilliant!!

With an estimated 156 vehicles stolen per day in Australia (57,000 Annually) It shows that profit motivated theft is on the rise. Tech savvy thieves have absolutely no regard for you or your vehicle, and it’s always normal hard working citizens that wear the cost and trauma of these violations.

We want to help you keep your vehicles exactly where they belong, and our team are highly dedicated to helping you from becoming yet another victim of crime. Get protected now by using the Pro-tekt system, and join us in fighting back against crime!!

"For Owners with Highly Desireable vehicles or Business Owners looking to Increase Production and Profit Margins, the Pro-tekt system provides our clients access to their assets Current & Historical Locations instantly, because it’s Radically Simple."